(…) Francesco Dama
I recently re-watched The Gang’s All Here (1943), with that famous music number of Carmen Miranda singing The Lady in the Tutti Frutti Hat.
I find that particular scene fascinating for several reasons, one being the blatant fabrication of a dreamy Latin America ready for consumption by Hollywood. Of course, colonialism is at the root of that vision.
Thinking about your work, it’s like you have re-appropriated that very fruit, picking it up from Miranda’s hat, to invest it with a different meaning…

Diango Hernández
I love that movie! Her decadent hat, the banana trees perfectly aligned, the monkeys moving in a sort of standby mode, the small and reachable island and, not to be missed in the background, a very “strange” music playing. All these elements are staged in a perfect choreography that animates in us a sort of fantastical delirium. How can one be critical about this delicious image? It’s like islands, they are property of us all (…)

diango hernández in conversation with francesco dama for keen on magazine
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