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Galeria Pepe Cobo

Fruits of evil Solo booth at ArtBasel Miami with Galería Pepe Cobo

“The Weird, the Wild and the Wonderful (An Art Basel Wrap-up)” by Elizabeth Fernández ruits of Evil, an installation piece by Diango Hernández, drew my attention as I stepped into the convention center. It definitely stood out, the forest of black half-filled light bulbs in stark contrast to the white walls of the exhibitors’ booths, but it left me asking what one would do with such a work once purchased. As evocative as it was, I could not imagine any practical way of displaying the work outside of a gallery or a museum. Frequently throughout the day, I found myself struck by the impracticality of so much of Art Basel. The show possesses a delightful sort of uselessness. The experience itself is reason enough for its existence, and that holds true for the artwork as well… ...