Born in Cuba in 1970, Hernández moved to Europe in 2003 and currently lives and works between Havana and Düsseldorf

Galeria Pepe Cobo

Fruits of evil Solo booth at ArtBasel Miami with Galería Pepe Cobo

“The Weird, the Wild and the Wonderful (An Art Basel Wrap-up)” by Elizabeth Fernández ruits of Evil, an installation piece by Diango Hernández, drew my attention as I stepped into the convention center. It definitely stood out, the forest of black half-filled light bulbs in stark contrast to the white walls of the exhibitors’ booths, but it left me asking what one would do with such a work once purchased. As evocative as it was, I could not imagine any practical way of displaying the work outside of a gallery or a museum. Frequently throughout the day, I found myself struck by the impracticality of so much of Art Basel. The show possesses a delightful sort of uselessness. The experience itself is reason enough for its existence, and that holds true for the artwork as well… ...