1970 Cuba, lives and works between Düsseldorf and Havana


Diango Hernández in an interview with Gerhard Obermüller for "Socialist Nature", book published by DISTANZ

Gerhard Obermüller: In your art you often confront us with historical upheavals. These upheavals are omnipresent and leave behind traces even after events seemed to have passed over them. For you these traces specifically include processes of memory, overwriting, but also official omissions in the process of memory. Socialist Nature here in Linz is your latest experimental artistic set-up with which you set out to remodulate processes of ...

Socialist Nature or the utopia of the ordinary by Gerhard Obermüller for "Socialist Nature", book published by DISTANZ

Hernández circulates the concept of nature in a much more ambiguous manner in this exhibition, however. The ambivalence of socialism’s handling of nature and the environment has been a topic of concern for Diango Hernández for some time. Even if there may well have been more destruction of nature under capitalism than in many communist countries, the artist sees a fundamental difference in how people reflect on this ...

Spiritual Discovery by Timotheus Vermeulen for "Socialist Nature"

The thought experiment Hernández has initiated here, one that I have tried to develop further here, is to think of what nature produced by ideology performs other than that ideology. He sets out on a journey to discover all the subplots that have been activated that run against or parallel to or divert from ideology—all the subplots, that is, that unexpectedly and effectively express ...

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