The Book of Waves: Diango Hernandez at Marlborough Contemporary by Francesco Dama Through such gentle acts of visual subversion, Hernández suggests that there is no greater teacher than nature. What is the lesson to learn, however, is what each of us is called to find out.

The waves channel a dense nucleus of themes into a poetical form, even referencing the tradition of painting, with allusions to marine art. To enhance the suggestion of landscape, three long waves painting are hung in line on the longest wall of the gallery, evoking the horizon line…
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Dark Waves New works at Marlborough Contemporary, London

The amount of risk involved in the trajectory is what makes a journey different than another. There are only 90 miles between Cuba and Florida. But these 90 miles are different from many others. Salt water and sun, sharks and the Gulf Stream, make them unique. It is the first time that I have written about these 90 miles. It feels like I shouldn’t, but I have to…