1970 Cuba, lives and works between Düsseldorf and Havana

Sternberg Press

Losing You Tonight A book published by Sternberg Press in the occasion of Diango Hernández solo exhibition "Losing You Tonight" at Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen, Germany

Diango Hernández’s creative work is triggered by personal experiences and memories. Born in 1970, the artist grew up in Cuba. The memory of a sad event in his life provides the background to his artist’s book Losing You Tonight: one night shortly before his school graduation, a knife fight between two pupils—which led to one boy’s death from his injuries—took place in the dormitory of their boarding school. Some weeks ...

Revantgarde Book published by Sternberg Press in the occasion of Diango Hernández solo exhibtion at Paolo Maria Deanesi Gallery, Rovereto, Italy

In the 1990s, Cuban-born artist Diango Hernández started an extended series of drawings which processed the political and economical crisis of Cuba after the collapse of the socialist systems in Eastern Europe. These drawings functioned as a kind of political diary where the artist could transform everyday objects from the street into utopian configurations. Hernández came to call his entire practise “drawing,” be it a complex installation, a sculpture or an accidental trace on a piece of ...

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