Two Destinations. Anne Pöhlmann and Diango Hernández at Dortmunder Kunstverein curated by Oriane Durand. Opening on the 28th of July | 29. July – 25. August 2017

Based on their latest travel experiences, the two Düsseldorf-based artists Anne Pöhlmann (born 1978 in Dresden) and Diango Hernández (born 1970 in Cuba) have developed an exhibition for the long window display of the Dortmunder Kunstverein.
Like two sides of the same coin, the two positions complement each other. Similar to a visual diary, Anne Pöhlmann’s series of printed textile panels takes us along on her first journey to Japan. Using compositions of snapshots of every day situations and famous motifs such as Mount Fuji, her series Japan Diary moves closer to this foreign culture. In doing so, the medium of photography allows for an adaptation of the new surroundings.
Diango Hernández, on the other hand, confronts the familiar landscapes of Cuba with the demeanour of a painter. Using impressionist brush strokes, he paints crashing waves on the beach reminiscent of the Spanish painter Joaquín Sorolla (1863-1923). His homage yearningly recalls a time when paintings represented all of the world’s beauty.

The exhibition space can only be accessed during the events. While the exhibition is running, it can be viewed in the circular window display

MITTWOCH, 26. JULI, 18:00 UHR:
WORK IN PROGRESS für Mitglieder und Förderer des Dortmunder Kunstvereins. Anne Pöhlmann und Diango Hernández stehen an diesem Abend für Fragen zur Verfügung.
FREITAG, 28. JULI, 19:00 UHR:
Begrüßung: Marion Edelhoff (Vorsitzende), Einführung: Oriane Durand (Künstlerische Leiterin)
mit Anne Pöhlmann, Diango Hernández und Oriane Durand

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