Diango Hernández Works edited by dh-artworks, 2010 - 014

Excerpt from ‘Swans without a lake’ by Melanie Bono

The actual theme of the story, though, is a personal experience, an inner conflict: personal fear, and the inability to publicly acknowledge with logical consistency that the revolution has failed, become descriptive of the state of the collective, a pointer to an inability on the part of the whole society to overcome its own stasis, the weight of history. The notion of a successful revolution, cherished over many years, had largely blurred the recognition of a creeping transformation towards a totalitarian system.

The realization of one’s own paralysis opens up further questions: to what extent is one rooted in one’s background, can one change without risking one’s identity, without detaching oneself from one’s own certainties? This ambivalence also marks specific aspects of the biography of Diango Hernández, who has always understood his voluntary exile as the opportunity to use communication to overcome his own country’s isolation…