H Book A book published by Alexander and Bonin Publishing, Inc. New York and produced by dh artworks, Dusseldorf about Diango Hernández’s studio

H is an unique book about the studio of contemporary artist Diango Hernández. This book depicts with a subtle series of black and white photos the artist’s working space in Düsseldorf. By permanently documenting his studio Hernández lets us see how silent and intimate is his relationship with objects, books and memories. ‘Home’ contains an extensive interview with Patrizia Dander and Diango Hernández which allows us to better understand Hernández’s practice, background and his way of working. A very interesting part of the book contains Hernández’s Diaries Notes in which he describes relevant studio moments and his daily working routine.


Excerpt from ‘Home means belonging – and vice versa’. An interview with Diango Hernández by Patrizia Dander

DANDER: At this point we should start to talk about the studio situation you are exposing in the book. I believe many of the processes you just described are firmly rooted in the studio space. At the beginning of our conversation you mentioned that after your collaboration you decided for a kind of work that “requires more solitude”. That sounds like if you were looking for a place where you could take your time and answer your questions at your own pace and according to your own logic and rules. Maybe even a place where doubt would play a more central role? Is that what you find in your studio?

HERNÁNDEZ: When I decided to move to Europe I wasn’t thinking in any particular place where I could eventually start developing my work, at that time I didn’t have in mind a studio, but a different scenario where I could start all over again. I knew from my former short trips abroad that it wasn’t easy for European artists to give a permanent continuity to their practices and I could guess that an artist’s life over here was extremely complicated. My priority number one since I arrived in Europe was oriented towards finding my own freedom and to dedicate 100% of my time to my art work. I knew that a studio would give me the possibility to expand my thoughts – albeit not my time. It took me a year and a half after arriving to Italy to fully reconnect with my everyday artistic routine. During this first year in Italy I was working at home and only during night-time because during the day I was busy working for an advertising agency. I knew from Havana that working at home has a few great advantages; it is a type of work that develops in a very intimate way and carries a lot of invisible life traces. And also whatever you’ll do in a space where you also live contains the scale of living and not really the scale of working.


First edition produced by dh-artworks. Gladbacher Straße 95. D-41366 Schwalmtal, Germany. T: +49 (0) 2163-8881968. info@dh-artworks.com / www.dh-artworks.com
Publisher and Distributor Alexander and Bonin Publishing, Inc. New York. 132 Tenth Avenue. New York, NY 10011. T: 1 212 367 7474 / F: 1 212 367 7337. gallery@alexanderandbonin.com / www.alexanderandbonin.com
Thanks to Anne Pöhlmann / Patrizia Dander / Rogelio Hernández / Dirk Hartmann / Michael Dornieden / Adeline Morlon / CS Leigh / Alexander and Bonin, NY / Galerie Michael Wiesehöfer, Cologne / Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin / Pepe Cobo y Cia, Madrid / Stella Lohaus, Antwerp / Paolo Maria Deanesi Gallery, Rovereto / Federico Luger, Milan
Printed in Germany in a limited edition of 750 copies. 103 Diango Hernández‘s special editions produced by dh-artworks. (25 unique studio polaroids, 25 original drawings, 50 bronze / wood sculptures and 3 bronze sculptures)
Launch 6th of September at Alexander and Bonin New York during Diango Hernández’s opening of solo exhibition “If I send you this”