Revolution and Frustrated modernism by a social revolution Group exhibition "Revolutionen des Alltäglichen" curated by Stefanie Kreuzer at Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen

The exhibition Ordinary Revolutions brings together eight contemporary Latin American artists and showcases their respective conceptual approaches. Using a variety of different media such as sculpture, installation, video, collage and drawing, the artists play with the origins of their source material and its individual poetic qualities, as well as with the sheer complexity of the inherent allusions and references. Their works are based on everyday objects, which in turn relate to the history of art (in particular to that of Modernism), society and politics, as well as to the spheres of the private and the intimate.


Catalogue: Pages: 120 Seiten. 25,8 x 20,4 x 1 cm, Publisher: Verlag fur moderne Kunst Nurnberg; Auflage: 1 (August 2009), Language: Deutsch, English