The Book of Waves Book published by Marlborough Contemporary with texts of Diango Hernández. Book presentation on the 28th of April, Marlborough Contemporary, London

After seven days navigating without orientation all my sweet water reserves were gone. During the day the sun was so intense that at night my eyes saw no moon, no stars, only darkness. The sea at night looked like a black marble floor, like a fancy ballroom but with no dancers. Touching my left hand with my right hand was the only way I found to feel some company. What did I leave behind? Land. What did I have in front? Only water. Fortunately dreamers don’t need land, but water wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. The constant waves finally disoriented me and after the third day they forced me to believe that there was no end and no beginning, just rhythm. I counted too many waves. Numbers are endless as waves… (excerpts from “The Book of Waves” a text by Diango Hernández).

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Andrew Renton
Anne Pöhlmann
Pony Ltd., London
ISBN: 978-1-909693-14-2
Edition of 500
English / Spanish / Waves
16 x 24 cm
27 pages, 33 color images, softcover
Marlborough Contemporary
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