The New Décor Group exhibition curated by Ralph Rugoff at Garage, Moscow

QUANTUM TUNNELING (the ghost we love) by Diango Hernández. Ein Gespenst geht um in Europa… There has been some reports that testify the present of certain people that eventually can walk through walls, just like ghosts do. A hanging round ball lamp is crossing through 4 different spaces and at the same time is theoretically lighting these four spaces. The four spaces which can be seen as four different apartments are sharing a single ceiling lamp, but since the lamp can’t be at the same time in all four apartments then while one of them is lit the others three are in “darkness”.

There will be a wall drawing in each of these four “apartments”, a drawing that describes an undefined image, a very soft drawing without lines, edges or corners a drawing that maybe transform each of these walls into a very soft and special type of element. Maybe a type of element that our bodies can cross through. -I’ll make the wall drawings while I’ll be in Moscow.

The New Décor is an international survey of contemporary artists who incorporate elements of furniture or interior design in their works. Liberated from the constraints of functionality, these objects look as though they could belong in a fantastical model home: a bed in the shape of the Los Angeles freeway overpass, a sci-fi inspired chandelier, a chain-mail hammock with leather tassels, and a table that floats in space. By dismantling the borders between interior decoration, sculpture and installation art, the familiar forms of furniture and lighting are reinvented to reflect on the social, historical and psychological narratives embedded in everyday objects.


Catalogue: Essays by Hal Foster, Michelle Kuo and Ralph Rugoff. Artists include Gelitin, Mona Hatoum, Diango Hernández, Jim Lambie, Los Carpinteros, Sarah Lucas, Ernesto Neto, Doris Salcedo and Franz West. 156pp/ hardback/ 120 colour illustrations.