Waiting Solo booth at ArtForum Berlin with Galerie Frehrking Wiesehöfer

“A Bolero” by Diango Hernández

A revolutionary is a person who either advocates or actively engages in some kind of revolution. Since the term “revolution” may be used to refer to a sudden change in any field, one may speak of political revolutionaries, social revolutionaries, revolutionary scientists, inventors, artists, etc. In a political context, the term “revolutionary” is often used in contrast to the term reformist. While a revolutionary is someone who supports quick and abrupt change, a reformist is someone who supports slow and gradual change. Political revolutionaries may be classified in two ways: According to the goals of the revolution they propose. Usually, these goals are part of a certain ideology. In theory, each ideology could generate its own brand of revolutionaries. In practice, most political revolutionaries have been either liberals, nationalists, socialists, communists or anarchists. According to the methods they propose to use. This divides revolutionaries in two broad groups: Those who advocate a violent revolution, and those who are pacifists. Perhaps the best known examples of these two types of revolutionaries are Che Guevara and Mahatma Gandhi, respectively. From Wikipedia

I can’t be happy, {Adolfo Guzman}, Performed by Ignacio Villa {Bola de Nieve}

I can’t be happy
I can’t forget you
I am feeling that I lost you
And that make me think
That I renounced  to you
Full of passion
We can’t have at the same time
Conscience and heart.
Today that law and reason
divide us
If the souls could talk
In their conversation
Ours would say
Things of enamoured
I can’t be happy
I can’t forget you.