WE lonelyfingers Anne Pöhlmann and Diango Hernández talking about lonelyfingers 22nd. April 2014, 7pm at Kunstverein Nürnberg

Lonelyfingers founders Anne Pöhlmann and Diango Hernández open a conversation about the reasons why they decided to create an online platform for artists. We artists create “things” that haunt us for the rest of our lives. They are the living proofs of our developments, understandings and also our mistakes. The objects we have created function like an inseparable extension of our experiences and life circumstances. They seem to be of our property but in reality they don’t belong to us.

‘lonelyfingers is an ubiquitous door that gives access to particular areas of the artistic process. In this sense lonelyfingers operates as a remote container of ideas that can be seen and accessed at any-time from everywhere. Lonelyfingers’ “Disconnected thinking” expresses the artist’s will of operating outside the limits of the art history, creating has to be specifically connected with non-historical content. Therefore created art objects can’t be included in the linear path that art history proposes. Art draws a discontinue line that follow an apparently chaotic pattern, if we follow this formulation art objects could be seen and studied as isolated matters and only then artworks become the outcome of our individual’s lives events and circumstances.


Minutes (6)
Anne Pöhlmann & Diango Hernández talking about lonelyfingers
22nd. April 2014, 7pm

Minutes (6)
Einleitung von Anne Pöhlmann & Diango Hernández
zum Künstlerprojekt Lonelyfingers
Dienstag, 22. Arpil 2014, 19 Uhr
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