We are unfinished drawings Interview with Diango Hernández by UOL. Regarding the 27th São Paulo Biennial, 2006 curated by Lisette Lagnado, Cristina Freire, Rosa Martínez, Adriano Pedrosa, José Roca, Jochen Volz

Please, describe and explain your art work for São Paulo´s International Biennial. “We are unfinished drawings” Is a three dimensional drawing, It is a piece that shows the side we never manage to see in a drawing. This piece continues my research about drawings and brings to it the frustration implicit in a drawing, the drawing intended here as the plan, the project of a better political and social reality.

2- Were you in Brazil for the exposition? What´s your impression about it?

I was in Sao Paulo and afterwards I visited Belo Horizonte and Brasilia. Brazil is a huge country with a lot of evident social problematics and contrasting social situations, nevertheless I had an overview that allowed me to see what a wonderful culture you have, I followed and visited places where I saw a country with a lots of interrupted utopias as a result of the complex political situation that not only Brazil has passed for but all Latin America.

3- What do you think about the theme “How to live together”?

Since the beginning I started working with the Biennial specially with Lisette I was very exiting about the theme, I knew Lisette idea of changing the structure of the Biennial into a more international and flexible platform for the art world of today. I think “How to live together” is more than a Biennial theme, it is not only a today urging demand of the art but of the world we are living in.

4- In your opinion, is there another art work connected to yours? which one?

There are many of them I think but specially the works of Simon Evans.

5- What was the most interesting art work that you saw at the São Paulo´s International Biennial? Why?

I don’t use (most interesting or most whatever) in my way of thinking, I think the Biennial presented an astonishing amount of interesting works but also inspiring works, I prefer to say, what a show!!!

6- Nowadays, in your opinion, What´s the role of the expositions like the Kassel documenta and the Biennials in Venice and São Paulo?

It depends of who you are and what you are doing in the art world, for me as an artist these venues are the places where I go to do research, to present something I am working on but is not necessarily finished. In the other hand everybody knows how big these showcases are and how much attention we get out of them, but what I like about them is how our works get connected with others and how out of that massive amount of art that biennials show it is coming a new meaning and a new reading for our works.

7- What project are you working on now?

I am now in the Seville Biennial installing a new work called “Inside the mouth of the panther” it is handmade reinterpretation of a political poster from the 60′s, a series of 30 drawings that present the idea of propaganda as a very personal issue.

8- Was is your first time in Brazil? What´s your feeling about the country?

First time in Brazil, my feeling? I want to live there!!

Catalogue: Como Vivir Juntos: Seleccion 27a. Bienal de Sao Paulo. How to Live Together: A Selection of the 27th Bienal de Sao Paulo. Hardcover: 159 pages, Publisher: Mac Museo de Arte, Contemporaneo (January 2007), Language: Spanish, ISBN-10: 9561905590, ISBN-13: 978-9561905597.